Kerashnee Singh

My name is Kerashnee Singh. I am 21-years old and I am a trainee machinist at Celrose. I was born in Greyland, Tongaat on 7 June 1997.

When I was 17 years old, both my parents died in a car accident.

Kerashnee Singh.jpg

This affected me very bad emotionally. It is a very painful experience. I still struggle to come to terms with the loss of both my parents at the same time. Their deaths meant that I had to go and live with another family and I had to start working.

I attended Fairbreeze Secondary School where I completed grade 11. My parents struggled very hard to get money to send me to school. They really did everything that they could for me to finish my matric. Unfortunately, I could not finish my matric because there was no money when they passed away.

I always dreamt of becoming a policewoman, but after school I went to work at a call center in Tongaat.

The call center closed down and for the next couple of years I was unemployed or had part-time jobs like being a sales agent. It was difficult for me to find another job with only my call center experience. While I wanted to, I could not afford to study further.

I rent a room in Tongaat with a family of eight. My weekly wages are used to support 5 family members. My sister also helps to support the family, doing casual work as a maid. She earns about R500 per week. I would really love to study further, but I need to support my family.

I dream that one day I will own a house and be a successful person. In the near future I hope to become a supervisor at Celrose and give my family the best that I can.