Stories From Fashion & All That Jazz 2016

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The Fashion and All That Jazz event was a showcase of great fashion and music. The event was launched in 2013 in order to bring together the power of both crafts for entertainment, but also for a deeper social purpose.  

Fashion is not only about innovation, aesthetics, creativeness, and looking good. It is also a vital link that employs and feeds millions of people around the world, and hundreds of thousands of people across South Africa.     



The event was a tribute to the creatives and the workers in the South African clothing manufacturing industry, and here is part of the story of the industry, through personal narratives of employees from Prestige Clothing and other companies in the industry. 

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40% of South Africa’s manufacturing exports in 2015 went to other African countries. 

Apart from opportunities in the export market, the local industry needs to deepen and take maximum advantage of the local market. Industrial policy incentives are a crucial way to achieve this outcome.


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It is necessary to build consumer awareness of local manufacturing and the benefit of local procurement to South Africa at large.

This is the point of the CTFF and the Wear SA campaigns.